Your consultation

Nutritional Therapy in West Wales

Sally is available for consultations in Carmarthen (The Waverley, Lammas Street), Carmarthenshire and in Maesycrugiau (between Llandysul and Lampeter), Ceredigion. To inquire about a consultation please either phone on 07580 276860 or email I offer a free 5 minute phone consultation to talk through your health issues and discuss whether Nutritional Therapy might be right for you.

What does a nutritional therapy session typically involve?

A comprehensive questionnaire will be posted or emailed to you in advance which you will need to return in advance before your appointment. During your consultation Sally asks detailed questions about current health concerns, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, medical history, family history, lifestyle, levels of physical activity, use of medication and supplements and diet. She then evaluates your individual needs and uses the extensive evidence base for nutritional science to develop a personalised, safe and effective nutrition and lifestyle programme for you according to your health goals are and what you feel you can achieve.  This will usually include handouts, food suggestions and possible recipes and useful tips and advice and you can telephone or email following your appointment to clarify any points you are unclear. Functional Tests may sometimes be recommended.

There is plenty of time during the first consultation which usually lasts between 60-90 minutes to ask lots of questions and to make sure everything is clear and straightforward.

Clients who come to see us seeking help with a whole array of health problems which include:

  • Digestive disorders – IBS, IBD, bloating, constipation.
  • Immune deficiencies and auto immune conditions
  • Migraines
  • Chronic fatigue and other energy problems.
  • Adrenal imbalances
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Fertility and pre-conceptual health
  • Mood imbalances such as depression and anxiety
  • Poor sleep/insomnia
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Children’s health
  • Skin conditions such as eczema, acne, psoriasis.

First Consultation £55 (60-90 mins)
Follow Up Consultations £40 (30-45 mins)

Due to health and family reasons I am not currently taking on any new clients.  I can recommend a colleague, Samantha Lewis, who is very good and based in Llanelli. Her details are:


Clients usually return 4 weeks later for a follow up consultation to discuss progress, monitor improvements and make any necessary adjustments. Further follow-ups may be required depending on each individual situation and most clients would follow a Nutritional Therapy programme for about 6 months however some people choose to come for one initial consultation to get dietary and lifestyle advice.

In most cases dietary advice is given primarily however for some people it may be beneficial to undergo diagnostic testing.

There may be some additional charges for diagnostic tests and also supplements which are optional.